5 Exercises You Need To Start Doing ASAP!

Every gym-goer seeks a set of exercises that’s going to take them a set closer to their fitness goal. When someone searches for a good workout plan on the web, a lot of information is unloaded on them. They don’t know which plan is the best for them. They don’t know which exercise they should & shouldn’t do. And that just leaves their brains in a spiral. They just end up doing a plethora of variations of one exercise or worse, doing some exercise that makes no sense whatsoever.

To answer the question of which workout plan is the best, I’ll soon post a listicle about it. Till then, I’ve come up with a list of five exercises that you need to do.

Their names and the reasons why you should do these exercises are mentioned below in brief.

#1 Exercise: Conventional Deadlift

The deadlift is one of the best compound exercises. It makes your whole body work. From traps to hamstrings, everything.

It puts a maximum amount of stress on your body, and no other movement can come near it. Deadlift gives your back the type of thickness no other exercise can provide. Doing this exercise strategically boosts your whole body’s strength too.

Since you’re lifting the weight from the ground, you can easily lift more weight on it, with time and proper technique.

You also don’t need a spotter while doing it, because if you fail to lift the bar from the ground, you can just drop it back.

Other benefits of doing this exercise include increased core strength, bone mineral density, a strong lower back, and many more. There isn’t a more basic lift than the deadlift. You only need a bar and weight to do it, no other equipment.

#2 Exercise: Seated Military Press

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The seated military press is a great shoulder exercise. It works on all three delts, which many shoulder exercises fail to do. While the standing variation of the military press is good too, the seated variation has its benefits.

When you do this exercise seated, first, you minimize the involvement of the lower back. Next, you’re able to lift more weight on it too. Another advantage of this exercise is that when you push the weight up, your hands stay on the same path, which is something you’d struggle with on the regular dumbbell shoulder press.

Also, if you include this exercise in your workout regime, you don’t have to do too many other shoulder exercises. The seated military press itself is a very hard exercise. It not only uses the shoulders, but it also uses your core too.

#3 Exercise: Front Barbell Squats

Leg exercises
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The usual barbell squats work more on the hamstrings and glutes than they do on the quads. At the same time, the front barbell squats do the opposite. It puts more stress on the quads than any other lower body muscle.

So, if you’re lacking in the frontal area of your lower body, the front barbell squat movement is worth a try. It not only works the leg muscles but also strengthens the upper back since you have to hold the bar in the front of your body, which has to work to hold the weight up and straight.

The front barbell squats have multiple benefits. To maximize them, make sure your form is on point. Don’t drop elbows or hunch the upper back. Also, while squatting down, imagine, you’re sitting straight down rather than back.

#4 Bulgarian Split Squats

The Bulgarian split squats are one of the hardest leg exercises. This is because your body has to balance itself on one leg only. This in itself is a hard thing to do and it challenges your core strength a lot.

Next, it puts a lot of stress on the lower body muscles. One of the few advantages the Bulgarian split squats have over other kinds of squats is that the positioning of this exercise takes the lower back out of the equation easily. It also lets you shift the point of stress from quads to hamstrings and glutes and vice-versa effortlessly.

If you lean your body forward, the hamstrings and glutes will work more than the quads. Similarly, if you keep your body straight, the quads will work more than the hamstrings and glutes.

#5 Bent-Over Close Grip Row

If you’re facing any difficulties with developing your middle back, then the bent-over close grip row is one of the best options for you. Firstly, this exercise focuses on the middle area of the back.

This helps you get that “Christmas Tree” look in your back that most fitness enthusiasts crave. Next, this exercise allows you to lift more weight than you would on the regular barbell row as you would hold the bar in front of you with a neutral grip.

Moreover, when you use other variations of barbell row, your lower back is used greatly. But, on the bent-over close grip row, your lower back isn’t used very much. It’s a lower-back-friendly movement.

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Apart from working the back muscles, the C.G. Row also works on the posterior part of the body, such as the hamstrings and glutes.

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