‘Come Clean’: Joe Rogan Calls Out Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson On Steroid Use

Why Is Joe Rogan Coming After Dwayne Johnson?

Joe Rogan Calls Out Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson On Steroid Use

After the shocking yet expected disclosure of Brain Johnson, a.k.a The Liver King being on steroids, the bodybuilding world has been going crazy.

Recently, Derek from the ‘More Plates, More Dates‘ Youtube channel was invited to Joe Rogan’s podcast, where he discussed The Liver King controversy.

He also talked about multiple Hollywood celebrities being on Performance Enhance Drugs for their movie roles and still lying about it to their fans – claiming they are completely natural.

One of the celebrities, Joe Rogan pointed out that is on steroids but still claiming otherwise was none other than the former WWE Superstar Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson on steroids?

In the past, Dwayne Johnson has revealed that when he was 18 or 19 years old, he did use Performance Enhancement Drugs (PEDs). However, he hasn’t touched them since and is clean, as per Johnson.

On the other hand, Joe Rogan finds it hard to believe. Rogan argues that The Rock can’t look like a muscle monster at the age of 50 years old.

That’s just not possible. He has to be on steroids.

Rogan went on to add that he knew The Liver King was lying about steroid abuse from day one, and he believes the same about Johnson. The only way he looks the way he looks is if he’s got super genes.

What’s the opinion of Derek from the ‘More Plates, More Dates’ Youtube channel?

After the topic of Hollywood actors abusing steroids became a discussion and Joe Rogan slammed Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Derek shared his opinion about the situation.

Derek says that almost every actor who gets cast as a superhero gets into a steroid cycle of a type.

While using PEDs isn’t their personal preference, it’s most probably a part of their movie contract which they agree upon signing it. However, not every actor who lands a superhero role starts using steroids.

“It depends on the role because Spider-Man is a slender character when compared to Thor, Captain America, Superman, or Black Adam,” says Derek from the ‘More Plates, More Dates.’

What Does Joe Rogan Think Dwayne Johnson Should Do About Using Steroids?

Dwayne Johnson’s physique has become better year after year. If you’ve ever been to The Rock’s Instagram Page, you must’ve encountered his crazy workout routine.

On top of that, The Rock’s cheat meals just look insane.

If a 30-something-year-old was following Johnson’s routine, it would have been easy to accept. But, the former WWE Star is 50 years old.

And, at that age, Johnson shouldn’t be looking like he does if he were completely natural. This is why Joe Rogan thinks Dwayne Johnson should come clean.

“There’s no way you can look like that, in your 40s. The Rock should come clean right now. He should make a video in response to the Liver King video. I need to talk to you because the Rock’s been lying. There’s not a f-king chance in hell he’s clean. Not a chance in hell. As big as the Rock is, at 50? He’s so massive, and he’s so different than he was when he was 30.” (H/T: Marca)

Joe Rogan

Rogan continues further, “There’s a responsibility you have to people who are listening to you. If you don’t want to talk about it, that’s one thing. But if you do talk about it, there’s a responsibility you have to people listening to you and I think you have to be honest about it, which is why I’m honest about it. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with taking hormone replacement.” (H/T: Marca)

Joe Rogan

With that said, it’s not certain that Dwayne Johnson is really on steroids. However, he can’t be solely blamed for not coming clean about using steroids.

To this day people don’t have a fair knowledge of the usage of steroids. They believe that anyone who uses them is cheating.

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Dwayne Johnson and other Hollywood stars know this. They don’t want to be judged by their fans, which is why they’re silent on something this big!

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