Do You Need To Work Out Every Day?

Working out every day seems kind of unusual, doesn’t it? Many people think about it. They think about its consequences. They think about the kind of workout regime they’ll need to follow. They think about its worth.

Most importantly, they wonder if they can do it or not. Can they work out every day? For all the readers, here’s the answer. Ready? It depends. It depends solely on the wants and needs.

It can’t be like you’re following a six-day workout program and since you haven’t seen results, you think adding just one more day will make all the difference.

Understand that one day won’t do anything if you can’t make the other six count. That’s not the way to go man! Regardless, what about when you’re already making optimal progress and want to fast-track it?

What about when you want to do high-intensity cardio workouts and resistance training but can’t fit them both in the usual six days? Can you then use an extra day i.e… 7th day?

The Answer Is – YES. You may then work out every day, but you’ll need a program that’s going to help you walk down this path and keep you safe.

What A 7-Day Split Should Look Like?

What Your Workout Plan Should Look Like?

For whatever reason you’ve opted to work out every day, you have to have an appropriate program that’s going to help you make this possible.

You can’t go to the gym and do strength training every day. If you do, you’ll end up fatiguing yourself soon and will also experience problems like insomnia.

So, you need to have a workout regime that’s going to prevent your body from experiencing these kinds of problems.

Your 7-day split should be structured with both strength training and cardio workouts, not just either one of them. This makes sure extreme stress isn’t put on your body.

For a better understanding of what such programs should look like, here’s an example. You can follow the upper-lower split and throw some high and low-intensity cardio sessions. Refer to the table below.

MondayUpper Body
TuesdayLower Body
WednesdayH.I Cardio
ThursdayUpper Body
FridayLower Body
SaturdayH.I Cardio
SundayL.I Cardio

Reference – H.I = High Intensity and L.I = Low Intensity

What About Overtraining?

What About Overtraining?
What About Overtraining?

When you’re working out every day, you have to be on the lookout for overtraining. You have to listen to your body. You can’t train every day with high intensity.

If you try to do that, you’ll soon suffer from burnout – one of the worst feelings ever. You’ll also experience nausea, dizziness, muscle cramps, and other conditions. So to be on the safe side, make sure you don’t do high-intensity workouts consecutively.

Throw a low-intensity session once every two to three days, letting it be strength training or a cardio workout. Also, don’t train the same muscle group on back-to-back days.

Muscles need at least 24-48 hours of rest to get repaired. The rest is crucial for the muscles to grow. This way you come back stronger for your next workout every time.

How To Stay Motivated For Such a Program?

How To Stay Motivated?
How To Stay Motivated?

When you put on your clothes and go to the gym every day, you’re going to feel a little less motivated than when you started.

To get out of this pit, you have to set some realistic goals for each day and write them somewhere. This alone isn’t enough. You also have to make sure you’re doing the most to accomplish those goals.

Just so you know, half of the work will be done when you get out of bed and get dressed, and go to the gym. The rest will be when you take a look at the goals you have to accomplish on that day and try to do your best. Don’t worry if you can’t. Go home and come back stronger next time.

The Bottom Line –

Before you embark on your journey to work out every day, remember to take it easy on your body when you adapt to such a thing. Also, if you experience any problem with working out every day, understand it’s the intensity you should be concerned about rather than the decision of working out 7-days a week.

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With that said, if you’re just doing strength training and can’t keep your workout restricted to six days or less, then you don’t necessarily have to work out every day. Consider changing your workout. Try push-pull-legs, upper-lower, or a-b split.

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