Kai Greene: Top 5 Workout Tips By 3X Mr. Arnold Classic

Kai Greene is a very familiar name within the bodybuilding community. Greene is regarded as one of the best bodybuilders of all time. Many Mr. Olympia has often praised his physique and posing.

Even though The Predator quietly retired years ago, he’s still training with the same discipline and motivation.

So, what’s his secret? How did Greene build a chiseled physique? More importantly, how does he still keep it going? What cues or techniques does he use to make the most of his workout?

Well, Greene hasn’t let out all of his secrets. But the 47-year-old man has given out some of his workout tips.

This listicle sums up about five of the tips that made Kai Greene one of the best bodybuilders in the world. Read these and use them during your workout too.

#1 Tip From Kai Greene- You Need To Train Hams Differently

Hamstring muscles are hard to see while working out. You have to try hard to feel them working. You have to have a strong mind-muscle connection. It would help if you didn’t prioritize weight over feeling.

You shouldn’t just do 3-5 reps for hams and rush to the last set of an exercise where you’ll get to lift some heavy weight.

Instead, you should aim for a weight with which you can perform somewhere between 8-15 reps. And all of them should be performed with well-controlled motion.

In his case, Kai Greene does every hamstring exercise slowly. He aims for about 20 reps per set, which are all executed with good control. He keeps his hamstrings tense throughout every rep. He doesn’t rush to get to the next exercise.

Now, you don’t necessarily have to do the same as Kai Greene. But one thing you should take away from The Predator’s tips about hamstrings is that you should focus more on the mind-muscle connection than weight.

#2 Tip From Kai Greene- You Build A Training Mindset

One thing you must know about Kai Greene is that he has built his physique through hard discipline and good habits.

Sure, he ate thousands and thousands of calories and took hours and hours of rest, but all that came to reality when he put his energy into the right place, controlled his actions, and trusted the process.

This is exactly what he urges gym-goers to do. He encourages them to develop a mindset that’s going to help them achieve their goals in the gym as well as in life.

Greene says to build yourself strong both mentally and physically, you have to be disciplined. You can start being that person by developing small but important habits.

Habits such as waking up at the same time every day, eating the same foods every day, and getting to the gym at the same time every day. This conditions your body. When you walk into the gym to train, you are disciplined to give your best. You are both physically and mentally ready.

#3 Tip From Kai Greene- Do Full-Body Warm-Ups

No matter which body split Kai Greene is running or what body part he’s training, he always does this one thing before starting every session – a full-body warm-up.

Greene believes you can’t bring your best if you just warm up the muscles you train on a certain day. Your body needs to work collectively to give the best output.

Whether you’re training your chest, legs, or arms, you need to bring every muscle together to make your whole body work cohesively. You can achieve that by doing a full body warm-up before every workout.

Take to from Kai Greene. He does some dynamic stretches and movements to prepare every muscle and tendon for work, as well as to get the blood flowing.

Now you don’t have to do the same stretches or movements as Greene since he’s an advanced bodybuilder. All you need to do is choose a full-body warm-up that isn’t very challenging for your body. The kind that won’t leave you exhausted before you even start training.

#4 Kai Greene’s Tip- Jefferson Squats Are His Secrets For Legs

Kai Greene has one of the biggest and most defined legs in bodybuilding history.

While Greene did barbell squats and lunges to build most of his lower body, he also did an exercise that he believes helped him to learn how to activate his glutes, hams, and quads better. The name of the exercise is – Jefferson Squats.

Greene believes Jefferson’s squats helped him connect better to his lower body. Because of this, he was to become better at squatting and lifting more weight at it.

When he paired Jefferson squats with the adduction machine and did supersets of both exercises, he saw very good results in his glute as well as hip flexor development.

So one of his secrets to developing the lower body Kai Greene is giving away for free is Jefferson Squats. You should include this exercise in your regime.

To do this exercise, take a wide stance and point one foot forward and the other in the outer direction.

Then squat down and grab the bar with the switch grip and stand up. As soon as you hit the top of the movement, start going down as much as you can. Also, always use small plates as they’ll ensure you can go deep enough and feel a great stretch.

#5 Kai Greene’s Tip- Don’t Forget About Basic Barbell Movements

Many gym-goers don’t do basic barbell movements these days. They go after lucrative exercises that so-called fitness influencers post on their pages and imply that’s what gave them results.

These influencers are just straight-up lies. They’re only doing that so their following could increase and they can make more money. They don’t care if anyone wastes their time with their shiny movements, or worse gets injured.

So, stop following them. They’re doing things just for their benefit. If you want to learn how to build a physique, listen to someone like Kai Greene.

The 47-year-old man has built up most of his physique through basic barbell exercises. Bench press, barbell row, barbell squats, deadlift, and military press – That’s all he needed, and that’s all you do to build a good-looking and strong physique.

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So, don’t exclude them. Make them a staple of your workout. If you want to try some fun exercises once in a while, that’s alright. Just understand that no exercise can build your physique or give it density the way basic barbell movements do.

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