The Complete List of Every Single Mr. Olympia Winner Since 1965

Did you know that a total of 58 Mr. Olympia has occurred to date? However, only 17 bodybuilders have been able to claim the 1st spot. Out of these 17 champions, 11 of them have claimed the top spot multiple times.

Who Has Won The Mr. Olympia The Most No. of Times?

Two bodybuilders have claimed the great title of Mr. Olympia eight times each: Lee Haney and Ronnie Coleman.

What’s more astonishing about their victory is that they both achieved this accolade for eight consecutive years. This alone shows the dominance these two had during their competing days with Mr. Olympia.

How Much Do Mr. Olympia Winners Earn?

Since its starting, Mr. Olympia has become the biggest bodybuilding competition in the world. Because of this, the paycheck of Mr. Olympia’s winner has also become bigger.

Earlier it was very hard to make money as the winner of this event. In 1965, the Mr. Olympia winner bagged only $1,000.

But, as the years have gone by, things have changed significantly. For almost a decade, Mr. Olympia’s winner has been carrying around $400,000 home. That is something.

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Nonetheless, let’s now take a look at the winners of Mr. Olympia from 1965-2022. Without further ado, let’s get started.

The Complete List of Every Single Mr. Olympia Winner Ever

1965Larry ScottNew York, US$1,000
1966Larry ScottNew York, US$1,000
1967Sergio OlivaNew York, US$1,000
1968Sergio OlivaNew York, US$1,000
1969Sergio OlivaNew York, US$1,000
1970Arnold SchwarzeneggerNew York, US$1,000
1971Arnold SchwarzeneggerParis, France$1,000
1972Arnold SchwarzeneggerEssen, Germany$1,000
1973Arnold SchwarzeneggerNew York, US$1,000
1974Arnold SchwarzeneggerNew York, US$1,000
1975Arnold SchwarzeneggerPretoria, South Africa$2,500
1976Franco ColumbuColumbus, US$5,000
1977Frank ZaneColumbus, US$5,000
1978Frank ZaneColumbus, US$15,000
1979Frank ZaneColumbus, US$25,000
1980Arnold SchwarzeneggerSydney, Australia$25,000
1981Franco ColumbuColumbus, US$25,000
1982Chris DickersonLondon, UK$25,000
1983Samir BannoutMunich, Germany$25,000
1984Lee HaneyNew York, US$50,000
1985Lee HaneyBrussels, Belgium$50,000
1986Lee HaneyColumbus, US$55,000
1987Lee HaneyGothenburg, Sweden$55,000
1988Lee HaneyLos Angeles, USUnknown
1989Lee HaneyRimini, ItalyUnknown
1990Lee HaneyChicago, US$100,000
1991Lee HaneyOrlando, US$100,000
1992Dorian YatesHelsinki, Finland$100,000
1993Dorian YatesAtlanta, US$100,000
1994Dorian YatesAtlanta, US$100,000
1995Dorian YatesAtlanta, US$110,000
1996Dorian YatesChicago, US$110,000
1997Dorian YatesLos Angeles, US$110,000
1998Ronnie ColemanNew York, US$110,000
1999Ronnie ColemanLas Vegas, US$110,000
2000Ronnie ColemanLas Vegas, US$110,000
2001Ronnie ColemanLas Vegas, US$110,000
2002Ronnie ColemanLas Vegas, US$110,000
2003Ronnie ColemanLas Vegas, US$110,000
2004Ronnie ColemanLas Vegas, US$120,000
2005Ronnie ColemanLas Vegas, US$150,000
2006Jay CutlerLas Vegas, US$155,000
2007Jay CutlerLas Vegas, US$155,000
2008Dexter JacksonLas Vegas, US$155,000
2009Jay CutlerLas Vegas, US$200,000
2010Jay CutlerLas Vegas, US$200,000
2011Phil HeathLas Vegas, US$200,000
2012Phil HeathLas Vegas, US$250,000
2013Phil HeathLas Vegas, US$250,000
2014Phil HeathLas Vegas, US$275,000
2015Phil HeathLas Vegas, US$400,000
2016Phil HeathLas Vegas, US$400,000
2017Phil HeathLas Vegas, US$400,000
2018Shawn RhodenLas Vegas, US$400,000
2019Brandon CurryLas Vegas, US$400,000
2020Mamdouh ElssbiayOrlando, US$400,000
2021Mamdouh ElssbiayOrlando, US$400,000
2022Hadi ChoopanLas Vegas, US$400,000

Who Came Up With The Idea of The Mr. Olympia Competition?

Many bodybuilders and people behind the scene have made the sport of bodybuilding what it is today. But, there’s one that has probably done the most for its growth. That person helped build Mr. Olympia’s brand.

That name is Joe Weider. Weider was a bodybuilding entrepreneur and publisher who co-founded the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) and created the Mr. Olympia competition.

Weider also created numerous bodybuilding and fitness magazines, including Muscle & Fitness, Flex, and Men’s Fitness.

Also known as the “Father of Modern Bodybuilding”, Weider was inducted into the Bodybuilding Hall of Fame in 1999.

Having said that, Joe Weider passed away in 2013 at the age of 93. But, his contribution to the fitness world has remained absolutely unforgettable.

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The likes of Ronnie Coleman, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Flex Wheeler, and many other great bodybuilders have nothing but good things to say about Joe Weider.

To know more about how the “Father of Modern Bodybuilding” made Mr. Olympia a global phenomenon, watch the interview below with

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