What’s a drop set? Why should you use it?

There are many methods out there to achieve hypertrophy goals. However, one that is used by many and accepted by a lot is a drop set. It not only helps you to build muscle but also strength and endurance.

What’s A Drop Set?

A drop set is a technique in which you perform an exercise until you reach failure i.e… when you can’t perform another rep with good form. A drop set usually looks like this:

Consider you’re doing the last set of Hammer Curl and you want to go for drop sets. You’d follow this setup:

Set 1: 10 Reps (15 Kg)

Set 2: 10 Reps (10 Kg)

Set 3: 10 Reps (7.5 Kg)

Suppose you have completed the last set with 17.5 Kg for 6-8 reps. You’d drop the weight by 10-30% and do around 8-10 reps. You’d then again drop the weight by 10-30% and do another 8-10 reps. You’d repeat this process one more time before finally putting the weight down.

You should understand this is just an example. You can perform just one or two drop sets instead of three like mentioned above.


Promotes Muscle Growth:-

Suppose you’re using the drop set technique on the bench press. When you are done performing all sets, not only your chest will be fatigued but also your secondary muscles such as triceps and shoulders. This will in turn promote your muscles to grow.

Promotes Endurance:-

Endurance means the maximum number of reps you can do in less training time. When you incorporate the drop set technique in your fitness regime, you do more reps in less time. This results in boosting your ability to push yourself even after you have hit fatigue i.e… endurance.

Keep In Mind:

Drop sets are a great way to challenge your muscles. They help you to break through the plateau but remember to use them the right way. Don’t perform drop sets with every exercise of every session.

Limit using them to only a few exercise per week. However, if you have been working out for just a few months, try to refrain from using this technique. If not, use drop sets for only one exercise per week.

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